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What’s New In ORS

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Application Dependency Mapping (ADM)

Observer now automates discovery of application interdependencies. It generates maps that visualize app relationships, pinpointing tiers where degradation is impacting performance. The simplified clarity of this complex information provides intelligence when migrating apps to new environments like cloud, virtualization, and DCs. ADM also offers new levels of component interaction understanding – elevating network teams to new levels of efficiency.

Global Search

What's the best way to search for something? Start with an idea. Independent of report elements and data type, you can query for specific search criteria across application performance, transactions, or infrastructure health elements. This enhanced feature functions like an online search engine that delivers prompt results without any pre-defined workflow requirements. Just go in with an idea in mind – like a server with reports of poor performance. By entering the server IP you can review response time, protocol usage, top connections, and resource metrics like CPU and memory utilization. This instant visibility into relevant metrics provides clear paths to root-cause and user-impact identification, creating well-defined routes to resolution.

The various types of data you can seamlessly access in ORS include application details from packet-based sources; conversation information from flow-based devices; and resource metrics from within infrastructure, computing, and storage resources. Our platform offers highly intuitive dashboards that present only directly relevant data you can quickly translate into action.

Performance Correlations

Easily display multiple, seemingly disparate service variables on a single graph to capture operational correlations that impact end-user experience. This provides IT teams with the insight to see relationships between volumes of data and performance indicators like response and connection times. The correlation engine takes raw data and transforms it into useable information so you can immediately take action to resolve issues and optimize performance.

Performance Matrix

Use our new Performance Matrix to quickly triage application or network issues and determine breadth of impact – whether problems are widespread or in specific locations. Baseline anything so when problems like performance degradation occur, you can validate which sites or user-groups are affected and quickly move to resolution. Just choose the apps you want to investigate, add an application or service of concern in the row header, and then plot sites of interest in the column. Where the row and column intersect shows you how users at the given site are experiencing the application's performance.

Native IPv6 Communications

Get advanced support for IPv6 environments. As you shift to IPv6-based networks, our solutions provide native IPv6 communications options within pure IPv6 and mixed IPv6/IPv4 environments.

ORS Open Access

Leverage the powerful trending and reporting within ORS to strengthen complementary IT initiatives. ORS offers two ways to integrate with third-party tools. First, in a processed format; any ORS report object can be shared and dynamically linked via a URL. This makes it simple to build compelling views into disparate solutions for visual correlation of critical business metrics.

ORS data can also be transmitted in a raw XML format. This method enables ORS data to be presented flexibly in whatever manner desired with the added benefit of applying new analytics to the data. For example, ORS content as it relates to network bandwidth usage at a departmental level can be input into an accounting bill back system, ensuring more accurate alignment of resource consumption.