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Observer 16.1 is the latest Observer platform. The wealth of data offers depth and breadth, with granular filters that quickly sort statistics, delivering actionable information to your desktop the way you want it. Added technologies streamline processes for migration, management, and troubleshooting services in multi-layered, virtual, and unified communications (UC) environments. New features provide customer-driven workflows and deliver advanced correlation, search, and data mining with streamlined technologies. Explore new features added to the Observer Console below.

Mobile Communications

Deploy comprehensive, in-depth analysis for high-volume, high-speed LTE networks. With a history of IP expertise, Viavi Solutions now facilitates resolution for the most complex mobile issues. Our mobile communications support promotes proactive control of the LTE infrastructure, preventing service degradation during times of rapid traffic and user growth. It offers widespread support of LTE elements, interfaces, and protocols to fully characterize overall resource health and status. This includes full VoLTE support, the next generation call and video technology for 4G networks.

Secure Access Protocols

Get powerful Application Transaction Analysis (ATA) with the added support of Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) and Diameter – two Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) secure access protocols. Verify AAA protocol effectiveness and assess underlying status and error messages via Observer's deep-dive packet payload analytics.

Fax over IP Support (FoIP)

Adding fax to your list of IP-based communications? Get comprehensive support for Fax over IP (T.38) through Viavi Solutions' existing VoIP Expert interface. This protocol allows conventional faxes to be efficiently transmitted across a VoIP environment. Health is fully quantified and in-depth packet analysis assesses status and error codes within the payload.

Microsoft® UC Support

Get in-depth support for the Microsoft® UC platform. Obtain summary views of UC/VoIP metrics and qualify user experience on a per-call basis. In conjunction with tracking VoIP, teams can monitor Microsoft Lync® server health by pairing Observer with Observer Infrastructure.


End-to-end monitoring of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) provides a comprehensive view of IPTV health by tracking metrics that include MDI, latency, packet loss, jitter, and QoS settings on a summary or per-session basis. It sends instant alerts for degrading video transmission quality and providing network managers with proactive control.

Third-Party Analysis

Multiple tools to manage and investigate performance issues are no longer needed because Observer now has integrated support for third-party analysis and exporting captures for external analysis and security solutions. This means you can send captures to security devices, compliance and forensic tools, and other network analyzers.