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It’s All in the Details

VoIP and other unified communications applications add new strain to already complex networks. Observer’s VoIP monitoring and analysis tools ensure you’ll have the knowledge necessary to handle your VoIP network from pre-deployment through daily maintenance. Sample screen image
  • Predict VoIP’s impact on your network
  • Obtain in-depth call metrics
  • Run QoS reports
  • Apply expert analysis
  • View aggregate statistics
Observer’s VoIP solutions are second to none in flexibility and detail, and they are included with every copy of Observer Expert and Observer Suite.

VoIP Deployment Readiness

Observer helps you to better understand your network traffic and performance. Use it to assess conditions and troubleshoot obstacles before you deploy VoIP. Identify and address potential points of contention, rather than simply throwing bandwidth at the problem. Observer also projects the impact of VoIP on your system through predictive or “What-If” live-modeling analysis. View VoIP side-by-side with all other applications and review variable changes or measure stats based on actual client, peer-to-peer, or server conversations. Finally, configure custom VoIP reports and share them with colleagues via the web. Sample screen image

Tracking VoIP and UC Performance

Use Observer to gain a fuller understanding of your network environment. For example, view and analyze VoIP performance in the context of all other applications running on your network. Observer displays performance metrics at an aggregate level and per individual call record. Because we present and track our metrics per call, there is no need to know the components or transactions composing the call—this drastically expedites call issue troubleshooting. Over 70 VoIP metrics, including: Sample VoIP screen image
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • MOS, R-factor
  • Jitter
  • Bursts, Gaps
  • Packet Loss
  • Delay
Observer offers complete VoIP and video decodes including H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), MGCP, and SCCP (Cisco "skinny"). We also support Avaya CCMS, Nortel UNIStim (licensed separately), and Mitel® systems.

Industry-leading VoIP Troubleshooting

Let Observer’s 50+ event- and threshold-based VoIP Experts immediately flag problems and offer solutions, for faster identification and resolution. Sample VoIP screen image Observer provides aggregate call quality metrics to identify problems at a high level. When a call detail record indicates a problem, drill down to troubleshoot at the packet level. Other solutions don’t present packets, making it difficult to troubleshoot. Our Connection Dynamics feature lets you analyze individual call components graphically to quickly spot problematic transactions. Reconstruct and playback calls through data stream reconstruction to verify user complaints and diagnose issues or verify that they have been resolved.