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Probes Key Features

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Use probes with Observer and Observer Reporting Server (ORS) to deploy features that quickly help troubleshoot and resolve issues. Probes are hardware appliances that run Viavi Solutions' probe instance software, providing enterprise-wide views of network traffic. With probes, there's no added time or expense involved traveling to remote sites when a problem occurs – see everything you need from your desktop.

Use probes in tandem with other Viavi Solutions' offerings to get the following features and more:

Access the Power of Probes Plus Observer Monitor and troubleshoot critical network links in any location in real time, using the Probes -Observer power duo. Probes report to the Observer console for complete video monitoring support to tracking end-user experience. Features include:
  • Expert Analytics
  • Alerts
  • Metrics
  • Packet Capture
  • In-Depth Details
Pair Probes with ORS for Greater Visibility Get a top-down approach that combines enterprise-wide views, macro- and micro-level reporting, and deep drill-down for problem resolution with ORS. Observer Reporting Server Features include:
  • Full-Featured Reporting
  • Trending
  • Baselining
  • Aggregate Visibility

Increase Troubleshooting Efficiency Accelerate troubleshooting with probes using real-time Expert Analysis locally at the probe, without transferring captured data back to the console.

Get Unmatched Distributed Visibility Distributed visibility is offered with probes. Deploy probes to various observation points to monitor traffic, correlate analysis, and more.

See All Your Data with Flow Aggregation View the complete picture with flow data aggregationfor a unified report of all network sites.

Optimize New Technology Probes assist with reporting on key technology initiatives such as UC, virtualization, and cloud.

For companies that can't invest in dedicated hardware probes, our software probes provide a low-cost monitoring alternative. Easy to install and configure, they support Ethernet, Gigabit, and wireless. Ideal for analyzing low-utilization gigabit network speeds, we offer a variety of software probes.

We also offer an array of hardware probes, which can manage high-utilization, full-duplex gigabit or 10 Gb networks. Whether hardware or software, probes can be selected to meet the specific needs of your organization.