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Observer Reporting Server Key Features

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Performance Reporting

Observer Reporting Server (ORS) offers a top-down approach that combines enterprise-wide views, macro and micro-level reporting, and deep drilldown for problem resolution. It serves as a performance management hub, combining packet-based analytics and metrics like flow-based data and status – giving you an overall view of network, system, application, and infrastructure health.

ORS also offers application dependency mapping (ADM), which automates discovery of app interdependencies, building maps that visualize these complex relationships with simplified clarity. It provides critical information for locating issues and migrating applications to new environments.

Global Dashboards

Don't settle for simple static reports. ORS provides high-level visibility of your critical application services. Use performance dashboards to quickly assess the health of systems, applications, and servers. Expanded global search capabilities provide fast, easy access to information of interest – regardless of data type.

Real-Time Visibility

With ORS NetLive, receive real-time application health on a global scale. NetLive provides 20-second resolution on top applications, response times, and other critical network and application metrics. Organize reports by business group and allow anyone in your company to access via secure login.

Couple the high-level dashboard view with NetLive for greater performance details. Because NetLive views are customizable, you’re seeing the most critical and relevant live data feeds. Gain a bird’s eye view of your network to see which issues need attention and what area of business they’re affecting.

Behavioral Analysis & Baselining

Use ORS advanced behavioral analysis and baselining to establish benchmarks for any performance or time-based metric. This includes application response time, VoIP, MOS values, or network utilization. ORS leverages advanced heuristics to quantify the unique behavioral characteristics of your environment, enabling you to quickly determine if application delivery and performance is acceptable based on your network’s distinct traffic patterns or compare performance from different periods of time.

For example, compare application performance for every Wednesday for the last six weeks, or the 15th of every month for the last three months. Set alarms to be immediately alerted when performance metrics have reached marginal or critical thresholds so network teams can tackle issues before they impact the user. Once optimal baselines are established, lock baselines to eliminate issues of drift.

Organize Reports by Business Groups

Shape reports around your business. Does the call center have enough bandwidth to run VoIP? How does the current WAN configuration affect your Just-In-Time inventory system? What business processes have the greatest impact on systems? ORS allows you to accurately assess the impact of mission-critical applications on your business through extensive reports.

Solution Center Workflows

The strength of ORS is the speed and accuracy with which it helps resolve problems. Its unique solution-centered, user-defined workflows offer an intuitive approach to investigate and resolve performance problems.

The platform has over 700 experts that reduce troubleshooting time by automating the process and quickly pinpointing problems and causes. The integration with GigaStor, a long-term packet-capture solution, provides the ability to reconstruct and review events.