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The GigaTAP is a dual optical splitter module that adds 4 optical splitter ports to the GigaVUE-420 or GigaVUE-MP. GigaTAP-Sx and Lx modules provide the ability to Tap two fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet links (1000BASE-SX or 1000BASE-Lx). The GigaTAP-Sx/Lx modules use passive fiber optic splitters to Tap the in-line signal flowing through the module for distribution to the GigaVUE-420 or GigaVUE-MP tool ports. There are two pairs of LC ports for Tapping two different MM or SM FDX fiber links. The split ratio is 70/30. GigaTAP Model Numbers:
  • TAP-202: MultiMode SR 850 nm
  • TAP-203: SingleMode LR 1310 nm
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