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Line-Rate Packet Modification Technology

GigaSMART technology can enhance your monitoring infrastructure with a range of applications to enable the modification, manipulation, transformation, and transport of traffic from your network to the tools you rely upon for management, monitoring, and security. GigaSMART technology extends the intelligence and value of the Gigamon Visibility Fabric™ architecture with the capabilities to modify packets at line rate and add valuable information through features including packet slicing, masking, source port labeling, tunneling, de-duplication, header stripping, time stamping, and Layer 7 load balancing. Network monitoring tools can now perform more efficiently by eliminating unwanted content with the de-duplication and packet slicing features. Masking allows network security teams to hide confidential information like passwords, financial accounts, or medical data allowing companies to meet SOX, HIPAA, and PCI compliance regulations. Organizations can improve accuracy by adding source or timing information at the point of collection with the source port labeling and time stamping capabilities. Enhanced distribution features are available with tunneling and Layer 7 load balancing. And, header stripping allows tools to operate more effectively by removing unwanted protocols.

Packet Slicing

  • Reduce packet size to increase processing and monitoring throughput
  • Optimize the deployment of forensic recorder tools


  • Encapsulate and forward packets to monitoring tools between networks on separate routed paths
  • Enable routing of data from lights-out data centers to central monitoring facilities

Advanced Tunneling

  • Provides tunnel termination of ERSPAN sessions enabling consolidation, filtering and forwarding of relevant ERSPAN traffic
  • Enable analysis tools to receive filtered traffic from remote networks

Header Stripping

  • Eliminate the need for monitoring tools to decipher protocols
  • Allow easy filtering, aggregation and load balancing of packets with headers removed
  • Support for ISL header/trailer removal and VXLAN, VNTAG, VLAN, MPLS and GTP-U tunnel stripping

Time Stamping

  • Add Packet time stamps at line rate for subsequent analysis
  • Troubleshoot and measure application response times jitter and latency


  • Conceal private data including financial and medical information
  • Empower network monitoring tools to perform their task and maintain PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Enable more data storage in a recorder application

Source Port Labeling

  • Add labels to the packets indicating the ingress port
  • Easily identify where a packet is coming from
  • Enhance the efficiency of your network monitoring tools by eliminating the potential of duplicate data streams


  • Relieve tool processing resources when packets are gathered from multiple collection points along a path by only forwarding a packet once
  • Remove packet duplication caused by inter-VLAN communication or incorrect switch configuration

L7 Load Balancing

  • Traffic distribution among multiple ports based on fixed or variable matching fields
  • Filtering and traffic distribution capabilities applied to any field in the packet beyond Layer 2 – Layer 4 and into the application layer

Ordering Numbers:
  • SMT-HD0: GigaSMART, HD Series blade (includes Packet Slicing, Masking, Source Port Labeling & GigaVUE Tunneling De-Encapsulation SW)
  • SMT-HD0-DD1: GigaSMART, HD Series, De-Duplication feature license per GigaSMART blade
  • SMT-HD0-HS1: GigaSMART, HD Series, Stripping feature license per GigaSMART blade
  • SMT-HD0-AT1: GigaSMART, HD Series, Advanced Tunneling feature license per GigaSMART blade
  • SMT-436: GigaSMART 6 port 2404 blade only, no licenses included on base model
  • SMT-BSE: GigaSMART-Base Configuration (Packet Slicing, Masking, Source Port Labeling)
  • SMT-TSP: GigaSMART-Time Stamping feature module license per GigaSMART blade
  • SMT-HST: GigaSMART-Stripping feature module license per GigaSMART blade
  • SMT-TUN: GigaSMART-Tunneling feature module license per GigaSMART blade
  • SMT-DDP: GigaSMART-De-duplication feature module license per GigaSMART blade
  • SMT-LBG: GigaSMART-Load Balancing Group feature module license per GigaSMART blade
  • SMT-HB1-BSE: GigaSMART, HB license combo, includes Slice, Masking, & Source Port Labeling features
  • SMT-HB1-DD1: GigaSMART, HB license, De-Duplication feature
  • SMT-HB1-HS1: GigaSMART, HB license, Header Stripping feature
  • SMT-HB1-TUN: GigaSMART, HB license, Tunneling feature