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Fibre Channel

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Ensure Accurate SAN Captures

For the best in Storage Area Network analysis, Viavi Solutions brings award-winning analysis technology together with superior hardware appliances. Our proprietary Gen2 card ensures accurate captures on fully saturated SAN systems. Fibre Channel Analysis Advantages: Sample Observer screen image
  • Monitor up to two full-duplex links independently or in aggregate
  • Obtain full-duplex, wire-speed capture statistics (See the Video)
  • Utilize the largest memory buffer in the industry
  • Gain in-depth analysis through real-time metrics (See the Video)
  • Maximize analysis with 64-bit technology

Set Expert Thresholds and Track Metrics

Monitor your SAN environment as easily as Ethernet or WAN: Sample Observer screen image
  • Decode Fibre Channel protocols * Monitor over 30 Fibre Channel statistics
  • Track application performance
  • Set alarms for proactive alerts
  • Receive Expert help on 20 SAN-specific issues
  • Review aggregate SAN health summaries
  • Perform long-term trending and reporting
  • Drill down to isolate conversations or transactions
With Observer you can set thresholds on all Fibre Channel events, including session delays on arbitrated loop, audio/video, link data, avionics, virtual interface, and more.

Fibre Channel Form Factors

Sample Observer screen image
  • Fiber Channel Probe Appliance: Provides complete monitoring and analysis for FC links. Reports to any Observer Expert or Observer Suite console on the network.
  • Fibre Channel Portable: A portable system that includes all necessary hardware and software for real-time, in-line, wire-speed capture and analysis.
  • GigaStor-SAN: A retrospective network analysis appliance with almost unlimited storage capacity. Troubleshoot even the most complex Fibre Channel issues.